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Sadie "our" cat

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Q and A

Where does my dog stay? Your dog stays in a suite with privacy panels within the kennel building to keep him or her safe.

Is the kennel heated? The kennel is heated and air-conditioned.

Does my cat stay with the dogs? Absolutely not. Your cat is boarded in a specially designed cat area where no dogs are allowed.

Can my pet escape? No. The kennel is totally enclosed by fences. Your pet enters and leaves the kennel through a series of four doors.

Will my pet forget me? No. Your pet will not forget you. You have a special bond with your pet that no one else shares.

Does someone live there? Yes. The owners live on the premises.

Does my dog have exercise? Absolutely!! We believe that all dogs need exercise. We have large play yards. Your dog is taken outside morning and evening and there is no additional charge. It also gives us a chance to give your dog some personal attention, which they need since you aren't there.

I will miss my pet. Can I call to see how he is doing? Absolutely, We understand your concern, so feel free to call and remember we always ask for an emergency telephone number in case we need to speak with you.